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1.  Are these decals as good as the factory decals?


Much better.    We do not and will not use OE vinyl, simply because that is why decals break down in the first place.  If the OE decals are failing, why would you replace them with the same decals.   We use only high quality outdoor vinyl.   Many manufacturers and sign shops are using cheap indoor vinyl that will look good when you install them but a few months down the road they will start to shrink and crack again.   The cost is much cheaper but indoor vinyl just cannot stand up to the elements outdoors.  You get what you pay for! Most people wont be able to tell the difference between indoor and outdoor vinyl making it easy for sign shops to fool people.  

2.  Why are there 2 decals in some pictures?

When you see 2 decals in one picture, that indicates there is a driver and passenger side decal.

3.  Why do we have to buy both sides - we only need the one side!


We did this to eliminate as much confusion as possible regarding which decal is needed. Selling both sides also allows for upgrades on both sides of the RV to maintain consistency throughout the RV.

4.  Do these decals look like the factory decals?

 YES!  The decals we provide are a very close reproduction of the originals.   The biggest difference you will notice is we use a higher grade outdoor vinyl than the original decals.

5.  Do we carry an inventory of decals?

No!  We manufacture each decal individually upon order.  Our decals have not been sitting on a shelf aging.


6.  What if I want a different color than what is being shown?


Yes, colors can be changed with the understanding that when you want to request a different color, there can be a difference in what you're looking for and what we understand you're looking for.  For example, if you want a color changed to look like grass green – what you think grass green looks like and what we think grass green looks like can be slightly different.  We will always try to best fit your color request with this understanding in mind.  This is also why we send out side decals in pairs of 2.  The colors will always look the same from side to side.

7.  What if you have my decal on file but the size is different than what I need?

Contact us via email if the size difference is greater than 10". We will see if we can make an appropriate decal for your size.

8.  What kind of warranty do we offer?

Unfortunately we cannot offer any warranty simply because  of the nature of our products.  Decals cannot be installed and then uninstalled without destroying the decal.  

9.  Why should we buy from RV Decals Direct?

Not everyone should!  If you're looking for high quality decals at a great price that will last more than a couple of years - then you should probably think about us!  If you're looking for a short term fix that doesn't have to last long - we are probably not the store for you.  We have seen over and over again companies selling low quality product for high quality prices of which the consumer has no idea what they're getting.  Extremely frustrating!  That old saying "you get what you pay for" surely applies to the sign business.   

Here's a clue to know if you are purchasing cheap vinyl - If you can buy a complete graphics package for a 36' 5th wheel for $400, you know for sure you have just purchased cheap vinyl that won't last long.

10.  Does the size measurement apply to all decals in the pictures?

No!  The measurement always only applies to one decal pattern.   If there is a driver and passenger decal in one picture, the measurement  applies to only one side.  Measurement is always side to side unless otherwise stated.


11. How soon before my order is shipped?


Most orders usually ship between 7-10 business days after the order has been placed. An email notification will alert you when your order has been shipped along with a tracking number to follow your order.

12. Are the brown ovals surrounding the decal image included in the order?

No, the brown oval is simply for display purposes. It will not be included in the decals that you ordered.


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