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RV Decals Direct offers an order to purchase decals service for decals that are currently not listed on our site. This entails a C$324.00 NON refundable deposit for Canadians and a C$332.00 NON refundable deposit for Americans that would go towards your decal purchase once they are uploaded to the website.

VERY IMPORTANT...Please ensure that you email us PRIOR to placing a deposit to confirm that the decals you are requesting are available. 

Please allow 3-6 weeks from the time of the deposit until they are available for purchase on the website.

Upon checkout, please note in the "add a note" section the trailer that you are putting the deposit towards and if possible, email us a picture of your unit.

You will be notified once the decals are available on the website.



Why are my decals currently not available on the website?

- Short answer is there are far too many RV decal packages out there for us to keep up with. This service allows us to prioritize the decals that our customers are requesting. In the meantime, we will continue to upload new decal packages weekly to continue to expand our stock library.

Why a C$300 deposit?

- We often receive requests for decal packages that once uploaded, are never ordered. This deposit ensures that our time and resources are utilized for customers that are ready to place their order.

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